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Frequently Asked Skywriting Questions

What is Skywriting?

Skywriting is a type of media that incorporates one to five airplanes which dispense special smoke trails that write a single or multiple characters to communicate a message in the sky. Many times these characters are as large as skyscrapers.

What is a "Sky writer"?

The aircraft pilot of a skywriting plane. The pilot is able to expel smoke trails at will in order to create the message needed.

What is Aerial Advertising?

It is a type of advertising that incorporates aerial elements like airplanes, aerial banners, billboards, and even blimps in advertising media.

Why do planes streak things in the sky?

The white streaks in the sky that are left as a trail by an aircraft are artificial clouds. It's a special smoke mixture that's specially made for aerial advertising.

How long does skywriting usually last in the sky?

Skywriting usually lasts from around 5 to 10 minutes depending on the wind, and weather.

How much is skywriting worth?

It usually depends on the length of your message and the number of aircrafts needed in order to execute your skywriting message. It usually starts at around 3,500 USD for a single message.

What is the smoke that comes out of the plane?

This smoke is commonly called "contrails", or condensation trails. Contrails are different from skywriting smoke because unlike the smoke, contrails are generally a naturally occurring phenomenon when humid air from jet exhausts mixes with low vapor pressure in cold temperatures.

Which Kind of Skywriting Message Would You Like?

AirSigns Digital Skywriting team can blanket the sky with messages creating a captivating airshow while showcasing your brand!

Deliver a personal skywriting message that will be remembered for a lifetime!


With skywriting you can...

AirSign gets you the attention you need.

  • Target any audience anywhere
  • Create a huge media frenzy
  • Cover an entire city in just one flight!
  • Reach 100,000+ vacationers at the beach
  • Reach up to 250,000 race fans

Skywriting gives the advertiser the freedom to directly target mass audiences for their desired demographics with a relatively small investment when compared to traditional media. For advertisers that are looking to create a huge “WOW” factor and generate a major media blitz, Skywriting is the way to go.

If you are looking to grab major attention and create memories that will last a lifetime, Skywriting is the way to go! Flown at 10,000 feet with each letter being the size of the Empire State Building, Skywriting messages can be seen for miles around.

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